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Lucia Lapone


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I was six when I first picked up a needle and began to learn needlework.
Now, fifty years later, I am still discovering the infinite possibilities of textiles that first attracted me as a child.
A craft that began as an experiment became a life work.
Textiles are my world, my raw material in day-to-day life.
I am constantly experimenting with dyes, embroidery, bleaches and paints in my endeavor to transform simple cloth,
fabric or yarn into everything from functional apparel to intriguing works of art.
The more I experiment, the more surprised and amazed I am with the versatility of fabrics.
I began my adventure into shibori many years ago and took part in the first “Slow Fiber Studio” in Japan in 2010.
I have a degree in fashion & textile design and four years at Faculty of Architecture.
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Shibori, traditional textiles and craft techhniques
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